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The challenge winner is Anika who won a A$1000 front row seat in Mundine-Soliman boxing match. The other girls are also to go, but had seats further up in the stands.

Where they had to pose with their mothers, that represented their relationship with each other. None of the girls did exceptionally well in the photo shoot. In shampoo crece max funciona the end the judges couldn't decide whom to send home, Danica or Paloma, resulting in a unanimous vote. The girls taken to Sydney Cafe shampoo crece max funciona and they meet up with Jodhi, and learn that the theme for this week is movement and dance. For the challenge in the following day, the girls have to do a photo shoot in a small box while creating a unique pose that filled the entire box. Jordan shone in the photo shoot and was rewarded by participating in a fashion show for Bonds underwear, she chose Steph to do it with her. For judging the shampoo crece max funciona girls had to do a runway walk shampoo planet toronto while dancing. Anika and Jordan nailed both shoot, while the others excelled in one but flopped in the other. Alice was praised in her box shoot but shampoo crece max funciona looked stiff in Mary Poppins, Steph didn't do shampoo crece max funciona really well in box shoot and failed in Mary Poppins. Jonathan continues coaching the girls' illustrating them how to present themselves. They meet Sara Mulcahy, editor of Sunday Magazine, Inez Garcia, fashion director of Sunday Magazine, Grant Pearce, publisher of Vogue Australia, and Bruno Schiavari, leading Australia fashion designer. The models got assigned to an emotion in a boyfriend scenario with a male model. Alice excelled, to the shampoo crece max funciona judges' surprise, while Anika was less than convincing. First they met Kenya Knight from Nous Models, who Jordan thought was "nice". Steph was criticized for her hip measurements by Kenya, but made it up with her portfolio. Later that day, they had a series of three go-sees to some LA designers.

Napoleon introduced them to Darren Tieste, their photographer, and Charlie Altuna, their stylist. Alice, being nearby, gradually builds up anger from the remarks. During the photo shoot, Jordan was reminded to be careful in some of her poses, Steph H being told she looked like a "sex kitten" and relied on established looks while Alice excelled. All the judges were impressed by the photos, especially Alice's and Jordan's. Their judging challenge was the question "Why should you be Australia's Next Top Model? "During deliberation, the judges felt torn between the unique contrasting styles of the three models in front of them. The judges agreed that Jordan's photo is her strongest in the competition, but judges felt that the hair and outfit didn't do justice to Steph H.

After a hard deliberation the judges finally decided to keep Steph, and Jordan was eliminated. The first go-see was at Fashion Assassin, where both the girls got the job. At the Alex Perry show Alice excelled but Steph had a harder time due to a broken shoe. They were all asked who they thought should win and the majority said Steph. They took one last look at the girls' modeling portfolios then asked Napoleon Perdis, Priscilla and Kirstie Clements to cast their votes, and all three said Alice. Jodhi announced that the judges' votes and the viewers' votes will be added together and the winner would appear upon the screen.

F: Cameron Diaz inspired short cut and hair color darkenedSteph. Alice has also been amassing catwalk credentials from the 4 major fashion weeks, and have to date, collectively walked in 68 fashion shows in just 2 seriess. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Originally an informal style, the bonnet became a high-fashion item as part of the adoption of simple "country" clothing in the later 18th century. Also, while traditional materials like oak, hickory, and willow might be hard to come by, reed is plentiful and can be cut into any size or shape that might be needed for a pattern. Dog rose, Honeysuckle, Blackberry briars once the thorns have been scraped off and many other creepers. The 'static' pieces of the work are laid down first. However, baskets seldom survive, as they are made from perishable materials. Baskets were at one time used simply for storage and transportation of goods. The runners are preferable than the vine's stems because they tend to be straighter. Although many vines are not uniform in shape and size, they can be manipulated and prepared in a way that makes them easily used in traditional and contemporary basketry. Once vines are ready to be used, they can be soaked or boiled to increase pliability. The wood is peeled off a felled log in strips, following the growth rings of the tree.

They also weave baskets from Sweet grass, as do Canadian tribes.

Birchbark baskets are often embellished with dyed porcupine quills. A particularly difficult technique for which these tribes are known is double-weave or double-wall basketry, in which each basketry is formed by an interior and exterior wall seamlessly woven together.

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